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The series of Photos illustrated the correct method of attaching a ribbon to a ballet shoe.

How to tie the Ribbon on a Ballet Shoe?

Step 1 Cut Ribbon

Step 2 Cut  Elastics

Step 3 Sewing

Cut Ribbon into 4 equal strips of +- 60 cm in length.

Singe the edges slightly with a lighter so that they do not fray.

Click the photos to enlarge.

The shoe comes with a cross elastic already in place.

Cut the rear  elastic as close to the shoe as possible so that only the 2 front elastics remain attached to the shoe.

Make a 3 cm fold in the end of  one of the ribbons.

Place it  in the position where you cut the rear  elastic originally  from the shoe.

On top of that place the original cut elastic and then sew it all together  on to the shoe so that it looks similar to the photo above.

Do the same on the other side so that the two ribbons and elastics are attached.

Now go enjoy your dancing.