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Terms and Conditions


1. Only the last lesson of each term may be observed. Permission    will be granted for special reasons for other viewing times.

2. If possible no toddlers or small babies observing classes please.

3. Students must please wait to be collected. They should not wait outside on their own for safety reasons.

4. Please arrive early for class. Lateness disturbs the flow of the lesson.

5. Ballet is a very beautiful and disciplined art form; being on time is part of this discipline. Grooming is also very important. Please ensure that the correct hairstyle and uniform are adhered to.

6. Participation and entry into exams is at the teacher’s discretion.

7. Payments are made according to the enrolment and payment policy section.

8. Remember to allow 15 minutes after class time for collection.

9. Students are expected to attend class regularly. As a courtesy, a sms or phone call is required for non attendance.

10. Lessons are conducted according to Gauteng school terms.

11. N.B. One (1) terms written notice is required when discontinuing classes. Failure to provide a terms notice will result in your child being automatically enrolled in the following term and payment will then be due.

1. Students will receive an account at the start of each term.

2. If doing Internet payments. Please send Email/SMS proof of     payment from  the bank.

3. A discount*can be offered. Please enquire about the terms .

4. All fee’s are payable in advance and must be paid no later than      30 days after commencement of the applicable term.

5. A penalty of an additional R20 per lesson will be charged should payment be received later than the required 30 day period.

6. Pupils with accounts still unpaid after 60 days will no longer be allowed to attend classes and interest will be charged on all accounts in arrears at the nominal bank rate.

7. Please put all cash (notes) payments into an envelope with your     Child's name and Term on.

8. In case of holidays or illness you will still be responsible for the     full fees due.

9. No Cheque's accepted ,sorry.

10. Please use the name of the child and term as a reference for      Internet payments.

Bank Details

Banking Details:  Arabesque Ballet Academy

Standard Bank Castle Walk  Branch, Code:  014645,

Account Number :411291688


Please Contact us for latest Fee schedule.

Conditions Of Enrolment